One of the goals of ICUC International is to facilitate a better health care in Latin America and the Caribbean Region. To this end, ICUC International has developed, in alliance with other Universities and Medical Schools in the Region, undergraduate and graduate programs that will:

  • Provide educational opportunities to Health Care professionals in their own countries, through our alliances with local and regional universities, so that they can improve their competencies and hence the quality of the health services they provide
  • Promote the exchange of students, faculty and knowledge among different countries, to enrich every other’s competence in particular fields of health care
  • Provide study-abroad opportunities for high school graduates as well as for recently graduated professionals interested in getting an international health care education that they can later bring back to their own countries

Current Programs

Bachelor of Science in Pre-medical Education

This 4 year program, soon to be offered in Curaçao, prepares students to enter an M.D. program in the United States. It emphasizes the study of basic sciences (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology) and also introduces students to anatomy, pathology, histology and other medical subjects.

Additionally, the Program prepares students to take the MCAT required to enter most MD programs in the United States

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Masters in Health Sciences

We are proud to offer, in association with the University of Carabobo (Venezuela), FUNDAODONTOLOGIA, FUNDAUC, BOGIOL and LAM Oral Surgery, a series of Masters of Health Sciences in different areas of dentistry.

Master in Health Sciences – Endodoncy

Master in Health Sciences – Pediatric Dentistry

Master in Health Sciences – Oral Surgery